Editor’s Note: When the marvels of Mother Nature make a dawn so beautiful and the entire space – within and without – becomes sacred, a poet’s heart expresses such wonder in lines such as these. And a photographer captures this marvel through his lens.

Dawn at Nandi Hills - Photo by Suhas Mehra
Dawn at Nandi Hills, Photo by Suhas Mehra

Dripping drops of reeding love
Pouring to awake dizzying buds
Gleaming smile of blooming petal
Beaming designs on creeping moods

Glittering mind of the rising Sun
Parting the fog to darting state
Threading to muse then nature’s soul
Glancing towards the clashing part

Flowing of wings ever tuning the space
With gliding songs of tumbling chorus
Meditating wind opens the whitening rills
Silver-shining reflects on moving gills  

Cover photo by Suhas Mehra                                 

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