Sri Aurobindo on Family Relations in Yoga

Sri Aurobindo elucidates that one of the aims in Integral Yoga is to purify and transform the usual egoistic human love into a purer love towards the Divine at all levels of the being. He also explains that after one enters the spiritual life, the relationship with the Divine take precedence over the ordinary social relations. Either the family relations naturally fall off or become the ground for karmayoga based on the soul’s need.

The Future of the Family (Book Excerpt)

Editor’s note: In our Book of the Month feature, we present some relevant excerpts from Kishor Gandhi’s significant book titled, ‘Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the New Age.’ The following extracts are taken from the 1991 edition published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, pp. 367-372. We have made a few formatting revisions for the …

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