Book Excerpts – ‘History and Culture of India: A New Approach’

Exploring the theme of sincerity in history, we feature excerpts from a couple of introductory chapters from a book authored by Prof. Kittu Reddy, a long-time resident of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and teacher of Indian History and Culture at Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education. The author suggests that when examining Indian history from a subjective point of view, external events gain greater importance in the light of the inner psychological vision and deeper forces behind them. 

A Review of “Saffron Swords”

We feature a review by Rajat Mitra of a new book “Saffron Swords.” The book tells the tales of 52 warriors who fought till their last breath to defend their motherland. Beloo Mehra introduces the book by invoking a few verses from Sri Aurobindo’s Bhavani Bharati.

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue!

We are happy to launch Renaissance, on this special day of February 21, 2019 – the 141st birthday of the Mother. The theme of this journal takes its inspiration, guidance and significance from Sri Aurobindo’s vision for the future of India and her role in the world.

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