Editor’s note: For our Sādhanā series this month, we highlight a passage from the Mother’s Notes on the Way, where she reveals a deep truth that the only reason why separate individualities exist is for allowing aspiration, for the existence of a movement of self-giving and surrender so that one may consciously contact the Supreme Consciousness.

A beautiful artwork on Aspiration sent to us by Navaja Llope completes this offering. It was actually this lovely contribution by the artist which inspired the selection of the passage featured here. The Mother’s words chosen for the artwork give us the assurance and build our will to keep the flame of aspiration burning within.

Art by Navaja Llope

Finally, I am fully convinced that the confusion is there to teach us how to live from day to day, that is to say, not to be preoccupied with what may happen, what will happen, just to occupy oneself day by day with doing what one has to do. All thinkings, pre-plannings, arrangements and all that, are very favourable to much disorder.

To live almost minute by minute, to be like that (gesture upward), attentive only to the thing that is to be done at the moment, and then to let the All-Consciousness decide…. We can never know things even with the widest vision: we can know things only very partially—very partially. So our attention is drawn this way and that, and still other things are there. By giving great importance to things dangerous and harmful, you only add strength to them.

(Mother goes into contemplation.)

When you are assailed by the vision of such disorder and confusion, you have to do only one thing, to enter into the consciousness where you see only one Being, one Consciousness, one Power—there is only a single Unity—and all this is taking place within this Unity. And all our insignificant visions and knowings and judgments and… all that is mere nothing, it is microscopic in comparison with the Consciousness presiding over All. Therefore, if one had the least sense of the reason why separate individualities existed, one would see that it was only for allowing aspiration, the existence of aspiration, of this movement of self-giving and surrender, trust and faith. And it is this that is the very reason why individuals were built up; and then, for you to become that in all sincerity and intensity… it is all that is needed.

It is all that is needed, it is the only thing, the only thing that stays; all the rest… phantasmagoria.

And it is the only thing valid in every case: when you want to do a thing, when you cannot do a thing, when you move, when the body is no more able to move… in every, every case, that only, only that: to come in conscious contact with the Supreme Consciousness, to be united with it; and… to wait. There!

It is then that you receive the exact indication of what you ought to do at each minute—to do or not to do, to act or to be stone still. That is all. And even to be or not to be. That is the only solution. More and more, more and more, the certitude is there: this is the only solution. All the rest is mere childishness.

And all activities, all possibilities can be made use of in a natural way—it eliminates all arbitrary personal choice. All possibilities are there, all, all, all are there. All perceptions are there and all knowledge—only the personal arbitrariness has been eliminated. And this personal arbitrariness is so childish, so childish… a stupidity, a stupidity full of ignorance.

~ CWM, Vol. 11, pp. 184-186

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~ Cover image: Beloo Mehra

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