“All sincere aspiration has its effect; if you are sincere, you will grow into the divine life.

To be entirely sincere means to desire the divine Truth only, to surrender yourself more and more to the Divine Mother, to reject all personal demand and desire other than this one aspiration, to offer every action in life to the Divine and do it as the work given without bringing in the ego. This is the basis of the divine life.

One cannot become altogether this at once, but if one aspires at all times to it and calls in always the aid of the Divine Shakti with a true heart and straightforward will, one grows more and more into this consciousness.”

~ Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, Vol. 29, p. 51

For our Sādhanā series this month, we have chosen a beautiful artistic creation by a group ‘Art Studio-12 Qualities‘. In their own words, through their work they share their own experience and inner discovery of a truer being in their subjective way.

Watching this small film and listening in silence to the words of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on sincerity is a meditative experience. We invite our readers to join us in this collective aspiration for growing in Sincerity.

May this be our offering into the yajñá for a true rebirth of the Indian soul, a rebirth in which not only the Mind but the entire Life begins to experience the touch of the Spirit.

Video by Art Studio “12 Qualities”
Art Studio "12 Qualities" is a group of volunteers from all over the world together creating a new approach to values, knowledge and conscious living. 

They describe their goal in these words:  "Our main goal is to create new Art, new expressions of beauty and power of our true Self that dwells within us. In our works we aspire towards future realizations of a new Dawn and new Birth of Higher Consciousness on earth. We seek to create consciously new educational films, books, documentaries and other forms of Art revealing our deeper thoughts, feelings, emotions and aspirations for a higher and truer Life."  

To know more about them and their work, click HERE. 

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~ Cover image: Beloo Mehra (painting by Nicholas Roerich)

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