Editor’s note: With the new consciousness at work on the earth, what are the new challenges for parents and educators? What will be the new ways of understanding the work of parenting in this new age?

Dr. Alok Pandey helps us explore through these and several related questions by compelling us to reflect on a fundamental question — why does one want to have a child?

The civilisation which is ending now in such a dramatic way was based on the power of mind, mind dealing with matter and life. What it has been to the world, we have not to discuss here. But a new reign is coming, that of the Spirit: after the human, the divine.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 2, p. 10

About the speaker

An eloquent speaker on all aspects of the integral vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Dr. Alok Pandey is retired Wing Commander from the Indian Air Force.  He has an MD in (Psychiatry) from AFMC, Pune. Dr. Pandey currently practises medicine at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. He is also affiliated with Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Integral Health and Research, Sri Aurobindo Society.   

Dr. Pandey has conducted numerous workshops in India and abroad on yoga, education, Indian culture, health and psychology. He has also taught Psychiatry at Institute of Space and Aviation Medicine, Bangalore, and at Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences.  

He has authored several books including ‘The Eternal Feminine’, ‘Death, Dying and Beyond’,  ‘Veda of the Body’ and ‘Patients at the Crossroads’. His articles appear regularly in various reputed journals. Dr. Pandey also edits the All India Magazine, a monthly magazine of Sri Aurobindo Society. He contributes regularly to NAMAH, a journal dedicated to the cause of an integral approach to psychology, health and medicine.

The Mother on True Maternity and Conscious Parenting

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