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In this world of much suffering, Renaissance  is a gift of wisdom and practical help, the compiling and content needs to be highly extolled. I always felt that there is never a starting point in one’s spiritual journey. From a vaster perspective…it does not matter from which tributary road or dirt track, or at which point you have joined the superlatively lengthy highway to divinity. Once on the highway all of us are travellers on the road to divinity. The estimated time to destination is not known. The speed of our journey depends upon our thirst for the destination, the quality of our vehicle, the navigation tools in our possession and the signposts on the way. Renaissance  is indeed a profound vehicle and a navigation tool guided with divine light to cover this spiritual journey. The surest way is to tune  yourself to Mother’s Force and listen in silence. By reading this edition of Renaissance I felt calmly connected to the divine force. I am sure in the future we will continue to be guided smoothly by this journal more concretely than the Google Map lady’s crisp voice. Much Gratitude.
~ Pradeep Prem, Sri Aurobindo Society


The relaunched Renaissance looks great. I read a few articles and have bookmarked the YouTube conversation. Great editing and organisation of rich content. Wishing the team all the best for the journal and other pursuits. Blessed you are by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
~ Thangamani (author, translator and blogger)


I consider Renaissance as a perpetual need for the human race. It dawned on the horizon since the Vedic times if not earlier. In fact, it was there when the first ray of Light (of consciousness) entered the domain of life on earth. When Sri Aurobindo made his famous Uttarapara Speech post his acquittal after the Alipur Bomb Case, he called upon all Indians, both at home and abroad, to work for and to uphold the Sanatana Dharma. He himself awoke to this call after he returned to India with an outright thorough western education received from England. So if will be in the fitness of things if some good writer comes with a good relevant essay appropriate for our times in the upcoming issues of Renaissance.
~ Thakur Prasad


Thank you for your work. Is there any subject of life, that Sri Aurobindo has not touched! He is the universe. Your posts continuously energize, and bring me back to the very core of sadhana. For me, visiting Pondicherry every year was the best time for reconnecting and continue to do with energy. But Covid has put a pause on the travel. But all your efforts are highly appreciated. 🙏
~ Meera Rao


Each edition being an Ocean, makes ‘this’ mind wonder in which condition can there be its truly complete reading and assimilation! These words simply chose to come out… evoked and invoked by the Immensity of the journal… echoing the felt truth.
~ Sushmita Mukherjee

Last eve on the Renaissance website I read twice the whole journal. It’s nicely design and edited.
“All can be done if God’s touch is there.” The more we read and contemplate, the more this truth works within.
~ Harvinder Pal Kaur


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