Man and Nature

This issue is an invocation to the Supreme Force that is the Love of the Divine for the Humanity and the Earth, the Love that carries within it the Force and Power to awaken in both – man and nature – to the deep, hidden yearning for their highest and truest Nature, their Divinity.

Nature and Love

The Mother, in these passages, speaks of the intense yearning, the deep love and longing of Nature, its ardent prayer to Light. The same Love can awaken in us, the humans, an aspiration to seek the Oneness within, the truest Light within.

Sri Aurobindo’s Love for Man and Earth -1

INTRODUCTION All spiritual greatness is a surpassing of the normal human consciousness and an embrace of the universal and transcendent. It is a growing out of the ego-moulds and a discovery of one’s true being in the Infinite and Eternal. The essential characteristic of its feeling in regard to the world of relativities is an …

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Sri Aurobindo’s Love for Man and Earth – 3

A dizzy height of lyrical magnificence is reached in the ‘Rose of God’, the crest-jewel of Sri Aurobindo’s shorter mystical poems, the iridescent Mantra of supra-mental transformation. His love of man and earth attains here a depth and con­centrated intensity of expression which makes the poem at once an invocation and a revelation, a prayer, a prophecy and a promise.

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