Call for submissions for November 2021 issue; theme – Perseverance

For the November 2021 issue, our theme is Perseverance. Sri Aurobindo had once said:

One who has not the courage to face patiently and firmly life and its difficulties will never be able to go through the still greater inner difficulties of the sadhana. The very first lesson in this Yoga is to face life and its trials with a quiet mind, a firm courage and an entire reliance on the Divine Shakti.

(CWSA, Vol. 29, p. 111)

For all Twelve Attributes of the Mother which is our inspiration behind these special issues from August 2021 to August 2022, click HERE.

We invite submissions in the form of articles, reflections, artwork, poetry, stories, anecdotes that speak of any of these attributes.

Deadline for submitting for November issue on Perseverance – October 25, 2021

For more details, see the announcement poster. Or write to us at: <[email protected]>

Announcement for Submissions, Renaissance, November 2021

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