The Passing of Sri Aurobindo: Its Inner Significance – Part 3

The author writes: “A splendid heroism of selflessness is here, the vividest picture of a warrior Yogi who would take any risk, if thereby he could press closer to his objective and though the formula is “I conquer or perish” the frame of mind is one that might easily avail itself of a yet more audacious formula: “I perish to conquer.””

The Real Gandhi: An Impartial Estimate of his Greatness – Part 1

In this India’s 75th year of political independence, it is timely to present an assessment of Gandhi’s role in India’s freedom movement. Given that our national mind now seems ready to evaluate and understand the role played by some of the leading personalities in shaping the post-Independence India, revisiting this article written by Amal Kiran in 1949, which has the approval of Sri Aurobindo, is highly necessary and relevant today.

August 15: Its World-Significance (Part 2)

In this part, we learn the inner meaning of why August 15, a date of momentous implications for the values of civilisation has been chosen by India to celebrate her independence. Amal Kiran reminds us that behind the conscious thought of individuals there is the working of that invisible yet potent being which is the national soul or genius.

August 15: Its World-Significance (Part 3)

Amal Kiran helps us contemplate on how befitting it is that the Independence Day of a country whose chief glory has been God-realisation should coincide with the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s birth. It would be purblind on our part to miss a signal so pregnant with meaning and fail to see our future bound up with Sri Aurobindo’s presence—our future of true self-growth political as well as cultural and of leadership among the nations on the path of human evolution towards Godhead.

The Greatest Yogi of Our Age

Speaking of Sri Aurobindo as the greatest yogi of our age, Amal Kiran tells us that Integral Yoga, set on a manifold practical basis by Sri Aurobindo, promises the emergence of a new state of consciousness by which our persisting problems, individual and collective, will be radically solved.

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