“We do not belong to the past dawns, but to the noons of the future.” (Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 19: 10)

AuroBharati, a vertical of Sri Aurobindo Society, strives to rediscover the genius and outstanding magnificence of Indian culture, and works to apply it dynamically to life and all its activities in modern India.

Through our work, we aspire to evoke among the youth a great love for India, pride in their cultural and civilisational heritage and an aspiration and will to create an even greater future. Our wide-ranging work is guided by the all-comprehensive definition of culture given by Sri Aurobindo:

“The culture of a people may be roughly described as the expression of a consciousness of life which formulates itself in three aspects. There is a side of thought, of ideal, of upward will and the soul’s aspiration; there is a side of creative self-expression and appreciative aesthesis, intelligence and imagination; and there is a side of practical and outward formulation.” (CWSA, 20: 106)

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Renaissance, the monthly e-journal of AuroBharati, features inspiring articles, essays, book reviews or book excerpts, interviews, reflections and artworks that speak of how the eternal spirit and creative genius of India are being reborn and renewed in various domains – spiritual, artistic, literary, philosophic, scientific, aesthetic.

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