The Divine’s grace lights up our world,
We are blessed to serve you,
You are the creator of the world around us,
The sparkling light of the universe.

There is darkness without you,
Our being emanates from your gracious mercy,
With every word in our humble prayer
We bow down in obeisance,
Unfortunate are those who choose not to.

The Divine’s grace lights up our world
O gracious One! You are the sparkling light of the universe.

Author’s note: My life has undergone a complete change ever since I came in contact with the works of The Mother in 2005. A book titled ‘Sunlit Path’ – a compilation of several conversations and writings of the Mother, is one of my most favourites, and something I read regularly. The above few lines on Humility and Grace came in a moment of gratitude when I was reading the Sunlit Path.

~ Design: Beloo Mehra

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